Teaching Software to Think Like the Human Brain

The human brain is a phenomenal computer, it multi-tasks its way through millions of transactions on a daily basis and never overheats, runs out of memory, or battery.


At Kiwi, we have been emulating certain aspects of the human brain to use similar techniques to recognize motion. We use the analogy of the human brain because it's a simple one, and also one that illustrates how much more potential exists for wearable technology beyond activity tracking.

Here is an illustration of the differences in performance, speed and accuracy of the human brain vs. machine learning.


human brain vs motion processing computer


A typical phone is still 10^21 times (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) or a sextillion times slower than the human brain. Even comparing an ant to a fighter jet doesnt do justice to that comparison. The future is fast approaching, and outfitting software with intricate machine learning tools is imperative in leveraging technologies to their full potential. The exciting thing are that sensors and machine learning have a long way to go, and we're just getting started.

Ali Nawab

Toronto |

Ali is an entrepreneur in the AI and IoT space. Comp Sci, MBA, early engineer, technology leader at small & large companies, with some management consulting experience.