RECAP: WWTO July 2016

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the We Are Wearables Toronto Meetup held at the MaRS Discovery Center in downtown Toronto. It was a fun night of everything wearables, IoT, and VR/AR. Some of Toronto's most innovative startups were in attendance, including Muse, Nymi, Myant, and more. As always, WWTO was hosted by Tom Emrich with assistance from Paula Kwan.


Keynotes and Panels

WWTO July 2016 had 15 of the hottest wearable tech companies from the city exhibiting their product and projects. In attendance companies were featuring diverse technologies from sensor and motion recognition software, to VR/AR applications, to biometric sensing headbands and more.


WWTO July 2016


Besides the amazing exhibitors, the We Are Wearables July 2016 event was highlighted by some of the city's most renowned influencers in the wearables and IoT space. The speakers woo'd us with their knowledge and expertise in intimate 1-on-1 style fireside chats.


The list included:

On top of these four great minds, there was a panel with Google Glass experts and explorers.


Karl Martin Nymi Headband Founder and CTO

Karl Martin, Founder and CTO, Nymi


All speakers had something insightful about the future state of wearable tech. Karl Martin, for example, opined that it's easy to sell a device, the key however is getting people to love it and use it on a regular basis. Ariel Garten, reiterated a similar sentiment: you need to make something so amazing that everyone and their grandmother will use it.


Ali Nawab, Founder and CEO of Kiwi, mentioned the importance of how people feel, rather than an absolute number of steps someone takes. Does it really matter if someone takes 10,000 steps or 9,000 steps? Maybe. Maybe not. What really matters is if someone feels good after or if someone feels bad. Sentiment data will have a shift in how we view wearables and how we can improve on products in the IoT space moving forwards.



Ali Nawab, Founder and CEO, Kiwi


This was the biggest WWTO event to date, and the speakers definitely delivered. They all offered real insight on wearables and IoT, as well as how to function as a high-level startup.


Exhibitor Space

There were 15 amazing exhibitors who had their booths open all night. The exhibitors were: Kiwi, Muse, Nymi, Myant, Magniware, Proto3000, Subpac, Neutun Labs, Globacore, SoMo by Sonic Wear, QTemp, TritonWear, BreqLabs, SmartHalo, MetaVRse.


Lots of people in the WWTO exhibitor space


This was another successful WWTO event, with tons of people showing up in the exhibitor space trying all the cool and new gear. We're excited for future events, find us next time and give us a shout!


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