Kiwi & IBM | Understanding Any Human Motion Anytime, Anywhere on IBM Bluemix

When healthy individuals stumble or fall, they can take great solace knowing they can lift themselves back up again. But for the elderly, disabled, or sick, this simple act may not be so easy.


To improve citizen vitality and well-being, businesses in the wearable tech industry are designing devices with motion sensors to address multiple mobility concerns. For athletes, this could mean using an exercise wrist band to gather data that measures individual performance, power and speed. For caregivers, this could mean providing seniors with a monitoring device that detects a sudden collapse.



At Kiwi, our goal is to move beyond simple activity tracking, and to do so, we’ve developed new data and analytics capabilities to help advance the functionality of motion-sensing technology. Using an advanced motion recognition platform, our software can help businesses capture any gesture – including arm and leg movements – on any device or sporting equipment to adapt to a user’s specialized requirements.


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Ali Nawab

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Ali is an entrepreneur in the AI and IoT space. Comp Sci, MBA, early engineer, technology leader at small & large companies, with some management consulting experience.