IoT: Game-Changing Opportunities [White Paper]

Is IoT for humans just a hype or are they here to stay? Some have argued that the current IoT boom is just a hype, however the hype has been justified by the rise and long tenure of companies such as Fitbit, Misfit, and Xiaomi.


In fact, Fitbit has recently reported year-over-year revenue growth of 192% in Q4 2015. We believe that IoT for humans have broken into the mainstream, and “just a hype” is a huge understatement.


In this white paper, we’ll start by going over the history and construction of the market. We’ll explore how the market first started in 2009 with the inception of the original Fitbit, and how vertically aligned companies moved to a horizontal approach as the technology and market matured. By using basic laws of international economics, we can see how specialization makes sense in a tech market and how companies are applying these principles in practice.


The second part of this white paper will discuss activity recognition and explain why it’s the foundation for many IoT products in the market today. We’ll also explore how the market has evolved and what the future holds for four growing industries: sport and fitness, enterprise, medical, and fashion.


By the end of this white paper you will have a good understanding of the IoT market, and begin to conceptualize specific use cases for IoT for humans in your industry. "


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