Cloud Based Architecture vs. Client Based Architecture

With the advent of cloud based storage and technologies, one big decision that companies face is whether or not to have features rely on cloud architecture, or on-client architecture. Even at Kiwi, we get into debates about whether or not many features should reside on the cloud, or on the native device.


To be totally honest, there’s no absolute better or worse option, but there are definitely pros and cons of each that help decide which is best for the specific use case. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide which one to use on your next product or feature!


Why use cloud-based architecture?



Why use client-based architecture?



So what’s better?


Is cloud computing better than non-cloud computing? How about cloud based solutions in products?


When architecting the overall system, there is never one absolute answer that trumps the rest. Instead, understanding all the trade-offs for the decisions you make is critical, and always keep in mind that balance is what matters.


When in doubt, think about making the user experience as good as possible. As important as it is, great engineering architecture doesn’t necessarily translate to a good UX.


And remember, UX is king.