How Wearable Tech is Changing How We Manage Health Information [INFOGRAPHIC]

Technology is changing how we manage our lives and track important data. With increasing amounts of wearable technology available, patients are able to monitor and record their own health. This revolutionizes the doctor-patient relationship, providing innovative changes to the health care industry. We found a cool infographic by the University of Chicago that shows how wearables are changing the way we manage health information. Check it out below, or visit their post!... read more »

VR Gaming and the Future of Virtual Reality Gesture Control

Gaming has, by and large, stayed the same since the first console was released. While graphics have improved and features have become more complex, every interaction happens by pressing either buttons or keys on the gamepad or keyboard and viewing the game on an external display like the TV or computer monitor.    The future of VR has the potential to completely flip that dynamic, allowing users to inhabit their favourite magical land, war-torn landscape, or post-apocalyptic future.    What is VR? Virtual reality, also known as VR, is a booming sector in the Internet of Things which is evident by the&... read more »

RECAP: WWTO July 2016

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the We Are Wearables Toronto Meetup held at the MaRS Discovery Center in downtown Toronto. It was a fun night of everything wearables, IoT, and VR/AR. Some of Toronto's most innovative startups were in attendance, including Muse, Nymi, Myant, and more. As always, WWTO was hosted by Tom Emrich with assistance from Paula Kwan.   Keynotes and Panels WWTO July 2016 had 15 of the hottest wearable tech companies from the city exhibiting their product and projects. In attendance companies were featuring diverse technologies from sensor and motion recognition software, to VR/AR applications,... read more »

How Wearables Helped Leicester City Win the Premier League

Sports wearables may become the next booming market segment because of their role in Leicester City’s Premier League victory. Their joyous, uplifting victory will go down in history as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, moment in sports history. A team of no-hopers making their way to the pinnacle of their sport is the stuff movie franchises are made of.   As analysts scrambled to unpack the mystery behind the phenomenon, one of the most intriguing statistics to emerge was Leicester City’s startling injury rate. The team had the fewest injuries and used the least players over the course of the 9-month... read more »

A Motion Tech World

The alarm blares, waking you. You get up, energetic and refreshed, as body and eye movement sensors detect the perfect moment for you to wake, just as your body’s leaving its sleep cycle. Lights turn on as more sensors detect your body getting out of bed. As you walk to your bathroom, the lights turn on and as you reach for the faucet, water streams out. You walk down your hallway towards your door, which opens, and then closes behind you, locking automatically.   As you approach your car, the doors open, and as you sit, the engines rev, switching on the car. You work... read more »