Future Olympics and Smart Cities

Since 2008, both the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics have embraced technology, with each edition bringing new innovations. The rise of the Internet of Things has made this shift even more pronounced, with many exciting applications of technology being tested and rolled out in the Olympics host cities.   There is a now a greater focus on becoming a smart city, where a flood of data allows administrators to make intelligent decisions that better the wellbeing of its inhabitants and it's very likely that future olympics will take place in these connected cities.   Today, we take a look at how technology has been implemented... read more »

4 Industries the Internet of Things is Transforming

"The future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed" - William Gibson The Internet of Things has become an established term. Most people know what it is, and how it can be used, but they don't understand the sheer scale of the market. The IoT space is growing quicker than people can track, and it's already resulting in massive change across diverse industries.   We’ll take you through the IoT landscape and show where the greatest uptakes are happening, and what’s leading them. To give you a hint, the IoT market potential for business-facing applications is larger than that of consumer-facing applications... read more »

RECAP: Connected Soccer at Cannes Lions 2016 with IBM

3 movements, 10 athletes, 20 minutes, 600,000 data points. Last week, we were at the Cannes Lions 2016 festival, the world’s largest gathering of creative professionals with people at the forefront of the advertising, design, digital innovation and entertainment worlds attending. It was here that we took part in an incredible and unique "connected soccer" event.  Who was there? The Girl’s Lounge, a female advocacy group, IBM iX, the world’s largest digital agency network, and Watson IoT, an AI-powered analytics platform that gleans intelligent insights from data, along with Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach, two US soccer legends and... read more »

IoT: Game-Changing Opportunities [White Paper]

" Is IoT for humans just a hype or are they here to stay? Some have argued that the current IoT boom is just a hype, however the hype has been justified by the rise and long tenure of companies such as Fitbit, Misfit, and Xiaomi.   In fact, Fitbit has recently reported year-over-year revenue growth of 192% in Q4 2015. We believe that IoT for humans have broken into the mainstream, and “just a hype” is a huge understatement.   In this white paper, we’ll start by going over the history and construction of the market. We’ll explore how the market first started... read more »

How to Build a Motion Recognition Engine

We all know it's difficult to build software that understands motion. However, there's been significant  advances in the field that's making it more comprehensible for many engineers. For those who are developing a motion-enabled product, here is one framework that we use at Kiwi to develop an effective motion recognition engine.   One thing we've learned is that different categories of motions should be approached differently. Specifically, there are two very distinct categories of motions: Activity and Movement. Activity First up is activity recognition, which measures different types of activity. Activity refers to different states of a user, for example: sitting, standing,... read more »