Augmenting an Augmented Experience

Augmenting an Augmented Experience

Having an augmented reality or virtual reality headset allows you to create an immersive experience like never before. In fact, some may be considered too immersive in special circumstances. There are both physical and emotional after effects of being immersed in an augmented or virtual space for extended periods of time.

One challenge with augmented reality headsets is their field of vision and interaction within that space. For example, Hololens only allows gesture input while your field of vision is pointing at your hand. This can be partially augmented by using the accompanied clicker.

To make interaction natural, AR/VR headset manufacturers should look to integrate other smart devices, such as a smart wrist devices (smartwatches etc.). One option for this would be to use EMG, however this would require advanced sensors on the wrist. Perhaps Thalmic can start developing something in this space.

In the immediate, a simple click gesture could be performed by the hand along a stationary plane - a click signal can be captured with only an accelerometer and gyroscope. We explored this initially in 2014 with a product called Glance:

To allow for a natural augmented experience one should be able to interact with their AR view without being:

This week we are augmenting our activity and wrist gesture library to interact more intuitively with the Hololens - stay tuned for additional updates.

John David Chibuk

Toronto, Canada |

Entrepreneur in machine learning and sensor based software development (>10 years). Background in engineering, tech with professional experience in North America and Europe.