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The alarm blares, waking you. You get up, energetic and refreshed, as body and eye movement sensors detect the perfect moment for you to wake, just as your body’s leaving its sleep cycle. Lights turn on as more sensors detect your body getting out of bed. As you walk to your bathroom, the lights turn on and as you reach for the faucet, water streams out. You walk down your hallway towards your door, which opens, and then closes behind you, locking automatically.


As you approach your car, the doors open, and as you sit, the engines rev, switching on the car. You work on a presentation as the car navigates through traffic, staying in the middle of the lane and keeping a perfect distance from the cars around you. You start to feel a little warm, and mimic turning the AC dial downwards where instead of a knob, you have a empty space except for the tiny sensors watching the movement of your hands. Immediately, the car begins to cool.  


You have a little free time before you get to work and head to your favourite coffee place. The moment you enter, you get a ping on your phone. You walk up to the counter and the barista hands you your mochaccino with whipped cream and extra sugar, just like you like it. In and out in 10 seconds.


The car drops you off in front of your building and drives away to its parking spot.


The office doors unlock and slide open, as sensors in the door detect signals from an RFID chip in your laptop. You head to your desk, sit and begin work. 15 minutes later, you feel your phone vibrate, and see a notification to sit up straighter. You’ve been trying to improve your posture for the past week, and get an update whenever your form falters. It’s been a week but you’ve already noticed your posture improve.


During your presentation, your boss asks you to go back a slide and with a flick of your wrist, you change it. You make a pinching movement and the screen zooms in as you explain a complex part of the project. All thanks to your smart sensing wearable.


You wrap up and head to the gym. Today, you decide to put on a little more weight than usual on the bench press, to test yourself. Your first rep progresses smoothly, the second is a little harder, and by the 3rd, you’re straining to lift the bar. Immediately, you hear a beep, signalling that your lifting form has deteriorated and it’s not safe to continue. Sighing, you remove the extra weight, and continue your workout.


After the workout, you check your stats. Nice! Your pull-up form improved by 10% while your bench press form deteriorated by 10%. You’re advised to tuck in your elbows more and push the bar upwards a little quicker so you work more of your bicep. You’ll get a beep to let you know when you’ve perfected the movement.


On the way back, you get a message from your favourite shoe store telling you that there’s a flash sale happening right now. You reroute the car.  


When you’re 5 minutes away from home, you get a notification saying your groceries have just been delivered to your front door. Your fridge detected that you’d run out of eggs and milk in the morning and sent an automated message to the grocery store to make the delivery.


You’re welcomed by the aroma of the meal in your slow cooker and enter just as your RoombaMAX is finishing up with the vacuuming. It scurries around you as it makes its way to its charging hub, where it settles and powers down.  


You decide to treat yourself to a few hours of gaming before dinner, and put on your VR gear. Immediately, the white walls of your room change to a panoramic vista and you stand on a cliff overlooking a vast grassy plain. You hear a whistling sound and turn your head just in time to see an arrow heading straight towards you, throwing your body to the floor, and hear the arrow thud into a tree behind you. As your real body walks around your room, your virtual body explores the terrain.


Suddenly, the lights begin to dim, and you realise it’s time to go to bed.  


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