5 Quick Tips to Foster Transparency and Responsibility at any Startup

Any founder in any startup knows the difficulties of finding balance between company ownership and transparency.


In fact, last week I had a discussion with a gentleman who runs an incubator located in the Bay Area and one topic we discussed was simplified best practices for startups to ensure both insight into decision making and accounting to ensure balanced books.


I was so enthralled by this discussion that I decided to write down a quick list of five things we do at Kiwi to ensure transparency and responsibility as a startup.


Here's a list of five things we do at Kiwi:


    1. Each person is responsible for their own expense tracking and submissions to a communal email. If receipts and reason are not submitted or kept, they absorb the cost themselves. Our part-time account logs these transactions into the appropriate categories.


    2. Every full-time hire at Kiwi has access to all our customer lists and communications through our internal marketing and customer management tool (we use HubSpot, and have loved it so far!). This way, if anyone wants to know any information pertaining to a customer, they have immediate access to it.


    3. We also use Slack to track a short capture of what each person does each day, as well as a communal log for any GitHub commits.


    4. For quick communication, we have everyone signed into Google Hangouts. We tend not to use email internally, and balance Hangouts and Slack to manage any internal communication. This keeps our emails less cluttered and allows for email to focus on external communications with our customers.


    5. One last tip: we strongly encourage everyone in our office to take a break and have a walk if needed. Leaving the office, clearing your mind, and taking a walk allows you to find a different perspective  on finding solutions.


This is a quick list of 5 tips that are easily integrable into any startup. We hope that these tips help with responsibility and transparency within your startup.

John David Chibuk

Toronto, Canada |

Entrepreneur in machine learning and sensor based software development (>10 years). Background in engineering, tech with professional experience in North America and Europe.